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Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania, 1985, Senior Lecturer.


Public finance, industrial organization, applied microeconomic theory.


"Money-back Warranties vs. Replacement Warranties: A Simple Comparison," (with D. Mann), American Economic Review, May, 1990; "Hidden Actions and Hidden Characteristics in Warranty Markets," (with D. Mann), International Journal of Industrial Organization, March, 1990; "Money-back Contracts with Double Moral Hazard," (with D. Mann), RAND Journal of Economics, Summer 1988; "Achieving Title VII Objectives at Minimum Social Costs: Optimal Public Good Provision with Heterogeneous Individuals," Cornell University Department of Economics Working Paper number 398, October 1987; "Remedies and Awards," (with J. Madden), Rutgers Law Review, summer 1985.


Effects of third party price and quality insurance on product markets; effects of replacement versus money-back guarantees on product quality; public-good provision with heterogeneous individuals; contracting with multiple moral hazard; contracting in integrated versus nonintegrated firms.